June 3-4, 2017 | Moscow | Hlebozavod No. 9
June 3-4, 2017 | Moscow | Hlebozavod No. 9
BE IN OPEN 2017 –
Forum for New Russian
Fashion Industry
Forum for New Russian
Fashion Industry
We spent the past year keeping on the pulse of the Russian fashion industry: shocked by filings for administration, excited by new startups, and busy collecting evidence supportive of the end of the recession. We've noticed that small and medium-sized enterprises have nearly depleted their reserves over the course of the last two years. That said, we have marketing analytics reports claiming that consumers are no longer able to save on clothing, which gives birth to "new demand". What were the companies that have managed in the past year to focus on growth and how? What's next? Will the end of the recession not be lost on small-sized enterprises? What are we to expect: the most challenging year ever or a gradual growth? Is the domestic e-commerce market still a good investment or just a bubble that nears its end? For how long the West will keep showing interest in the post-Soviet Russia?

These are among the many topics to be discussed at the Forum.
5 rooms

for parallel sessions
40 speakers

with hands-on market experience

20 hours

of workshops run by high-profile educational projects of the fashion industry
25 designers

the showcase of the most promising
Russian fashion labels
80 meetings

with buying directors, promotion agents,
and manufacturers
Events to be held:
Pavel Osovtsov, Creative Director, Ostrov store
Kirill Bondarenko, Senior Brand Manager, adidas Style
Afour and Affex case studies
Crime x Punishment, Narvskaya Dostava case studies
Ildar Iksanov, stylist, vs. Anzor Kankulov, editorial director of Numero Russia, former editor-in-chief of Port magazine
Ziq&Yoni, Volchok, Rodina case studies
Kazuma Mori, owner of Uggla online store and Uggla pop-up store of Russian fashion designers, Tokyo
Hall "№17"
Elena Kamay, founder of Lambada Market
Marina Nikolayevna, co-founder of ITEMS, founder of HALF&HALF
Kseniya Leri, founder of Trendsquire
The Lamoda marketplace: an introduction
Aldynai Yumbuu, Head of Commercialization Russia and CIS, Retail Property Management, JLL
Dilyara Dolotkazina, Industry Manager CP&S, Hi-tech, Textile & Fashion, DHL
Daniel Trabun, Media Director, Yandex
Guillaume Steinmetz, founder of The Broken Arm
Elena Shlykova, founder of IKRA concept store, Vladivostok
Yana Sakura, chief booker, TANN Model Management
Igor Gavar, founder of Oldushka, a modeling agency for older people
Sasha Mademuaselle, photography director, inrussia.com; credited with shoots for Dazed, Nylon, and i-D
Hall "№17"
Denis Erkhov, founder of ITEMS
Yana Chirko, lawyer, IP/IT consulting, Dentons
Igor Isaev, founder of Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion
Vidya Narin, founder of Le New Black, Guillaume Steinmetz, founder of The Broken Arm, Nathalie Leonor, buyer, Galeries Lafayette
Russia's leading fashion education destinations will present series of workshops
Business speed-dating
One of the most efficient business features of the Forum is speed dating – short appointments with professionals and companies that in ordinary life take a lot of time and energy to organize. Speed dating is hosted by Fashion Factory School that has been unionizing the industry players for years.
25 Russia's contemporary fashion brands will present their latest works. The corner
system will be divided into three sections: high fashion, streetwear and casual.
When and where
Hlebozavod No. 9 | 1 Novodmitrovskaya st. | Moscow
June 3-4, 2017 | 11:00 - 21:00

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