Moscow | May 2016

BE IN OPEN is the annual
professional forum aimed
to modernize the fashion industry

It's a place that unites progressive fashion brands, retailers and
local garment manufacturers to share their experience, ideas and contacts
Main activities

Fashion industry leaders present their ways to solve current problems
- Best projects in fashion: 2012-2015
- Prospects of brand development: going West or staying in Russia
- New development strategies for small-scale brands around the world
- Should garment manufacturers work with small quantity orders?
- How to boost online sales during economical stagnation?
- Best marketing strategies during the crisis
- Marketplace as the way to sale
- Western retailers' strategy of action: to leave the market or stimulate the sales
Open Stage
Seven minute presentations delivered by the founders of Russia's best fashion businesses: designers, retailers and manufacturers. The key topics are project development, financial performance and competitive advantages. The ultimate goal of Open Stage is to establish business contacts
In order to participate you need to apply. editorial team will choose the most promising projects for participation.

Open Stage participants
+7 (903) 551-61-81,