June 8-9, 2018 | Moscow
The BE IN OPEN forum for the new fashion industry is a platform for dialogue between professionals involved in the fashion industry of Russia. This is a place for designers to present their projects, for manufacturers to meet their clients, and for retailers to exchnage their cases. Our key performance indicator is the number of the contracts you sign while on the platform.

The main theme of the 4th BE IN OPEN Forum is the dialectic of the local and the global in the field of fashion.
  • 10 CITIES
    participate in the first national fashion film and campaign festival BIOF 2018
  • 100 SPEAKERS
    iwith hands-on industry experience
    designers, buyers, retailers, manufacturers, media, and other industry professionals
  • 20 HOURS
    of workshops hosted by leading education projects of the fashion industry
  • 60 BRANDS
    presented in the showroom of the most promising Russian labels
    with procurement directors, promotion agencies, and manufacturers
We treat fashion as a sociocultural phenomenon of the open society. The totality of players of the local fashion market forms an ecosystem capable of self-regulation within global ecosystems. The systems are in contradiction with each other but the dialogue between all participants facilitates their mutual adjustment.

Such phenomena as fashion lend themselves to multi-disciplinary approaches equally well at the level of fashion sociologists and procurement directors alike. The global market exerts pressure on the local one, yet both of them are important and have to develop further. Together with other countries we are eager to learn how to achieve the glocal trade-off.

We look for solid conceptual underpinnings (philosophical, social, and cultural ones) but do not limit ourselves to an academically-flavoured conference. We enable social change and action. Our work results in a new network of business contacts both within the Russian business community and on a global scale as well. This is the Forum for a New Russian Fashion Industry. Interaction is Key.
The Showroom is made up of 60 pop-up stores that showcase the labels that build on distinct concepts and insights into what tops the agenda.

The exposition is open for all Forum attendants and above all aims at bringing together buyers and manufacturers with fashion designers.

Following last year's showroom three expositions were held: in Tokyo, Paris, and Florence (as part of Pitti Uomo).

1377, «ДВА МЯЧА», Affex, Alisa Kuzembaeva, Annur, Anton Lisin, ASHE, Bats, Bureu Tricoti, DANIIL LANDAR, The Dostoevsky jacket, FactiveFace, FAKOSHIMA, Futureisnown, fy:r, Gerts, HUSKY, Inshade, Luch Design, M-U-R, MAD FRENZY, MARKOVICH, Masha Lamzina, Medea Maris, Mineral Weather, MIRSTORES, MUUS Lena Maksimova, Nashe, Otocyon, Rosbalet, SØ, Ssanaya Tryapka, T3CM, Marusia Nizovtsova, Yulia Yadryshnikova, TATTOOSWEATERS, DariaUrkineeva, YUGE,
ZIQ & YONI, ZDDZ, ВОЛЧОК, Гарин, CXP / Преступление Наказание, Кружок, С7МЬ, ПАРАДИЗ, Спутник 1985

The BE IN OPEN FILMS festival will be held on June 1-3 reaching audiences in the 10 largest cities Russia-wide: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. 15 short fashion films covering campaigns, video art, and documentaries shot by local designers, photographers, and movie directors made it to the Festival program.

Just like the showroom, the BE IN OPEN FILMS festival remains true to conveying the Forum's core values. Its purpose is to familiarize broader audiences based in off-center cities of Russia, with the creative output of gifted local designers and artists, and thus to offer them new visual imagery reference points.
>> Feminism, diversity, sustainability: International trends within the Russian context

>> The 2017-2018 Recession. What's Next?

>> Is there any regional demand for Russian fashion designers?

>> Relocating production to Russia: myth or reality?

>> Key relevant market trends: apparel, footwear, accessories

>> Why global brands collaborate with local designers?

>> Fashion Photography: Revolution in the Making or Trend Following?

>> Contests, showrooms, trade shows, and other Opportunities to enter the international market

The local and the global in the Russian fashion industry is the main theme of this year's edition of the Forum. To what extent international trends are applicable to the Russian market? How to transfer Amazon's best practices given that logistics infrastructure is underdeveloped? To chase the market or to tread one's own path? What is it to have a maverick mindset?

The conference runs four distinct thematic tracks. The first three ones target designers, retailers, and manufacturers. The fourth track focuses on the analysis of the social and cultural context that serves as a habitat for contemporary fashion, arts and creative activities in general.
While the conference is meant for discussions of market trends, workshops are to enable you to transfer hands-on experience and knowledge from your peers.

Workshop participants will learn:
- how to work with media;
- how to take advantage of novel clothing construction techniques, technologies, and materials;
- how to handle paperwork and comply with Federal Law No 54-FZ;
- how to create engaging fashion shoots and fight the inefficiency of common SMM-strategies.
Speed dating is a series of brief meetings with representatives of sewing factories, retail stores, and PR and marketing agencies.

Last year everyone who participated in the speed dating session had a chance to establish a network of up to a hundred new contacts. The format was appreciated by many, which led us to improve it further: this year speed dating will feature more time and space allocated to a presentation of one's company or a project.
  • Guglielmo Olearo
    International Exhibitions Director of Premiere Vision (Paris)
  • Jessica Jung
    Co-founder of Rare Market (Seoul)
  • Anja Aronowsky Cronberg
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Vestoj (Paris)
  • Marusya Kovylova
    Evangelist of GUM Sektsiya, Buyer at Bosco di Ciliegi (Moscow)
  • Cécile Marchand-Cassagne
    Head of International Customer Development at Groupe ADP (Paris)
  • Maxim Anufrienko
    Head of Visual Merchandising Department at TSUM (Moscow)
  • Turkina Faso
    Photographer, Storyteller, Film Director (London-Moscow)
  • Alexander Bichin
    Fashion Director at Aizel (Moscow)
  • "... I would like to highlight that the Forum was well-organized and was backed up by promotion materials that featured decent graphic design (a top-notch website and printed matter). As far as I know, BE IN OPEN is the first private effort at self-organizing of the Russian fashion market, which is perceived with a way more enthusiasm than just another session on fashion at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which is essentially a branch of the Moscow posh crowd hangout."
    Stanislav Rechkovich
  • "...extreme weather conditions notwithstanding, Hlebozabod No. 9 hosted BE IN OPEN - 2017, a full-fledged Forum for a New Fashion Industry that brought together over 800 people committed to the evolution of the Russian fashion.

    The talks covered the right positioning of fashion labels and measures to increase their financial sustainability, the aspects unique to apparel manufacturing and the issue of poor sales under an economic recession, reasonable consumption and the environmentally friendly production process, the pop-up store phenomenon and the principles underlying interactions between designers and marketplaces, add to this sharing insider secrets on how to control the consumer behavior and an overview of cutting edge practices in visual aesthetics. This is but a very condensed list of the topics discussed within the Core Business Program of the Forum".

    Yuliya Kalmykova
    District F
  • "Thank you very much for organizing the event! To my mind it proved very interesting and productive as an overall experience. As for my own talk, for the first time in my life I've had a two hour long question and answer session after the presentation. That said, unfortunately the questions themselves revealed a complete and thorough lack of any knowledge related to their rights on the part of young fashion designers. This is always the sad truth to meet with. In the aftermath of each talk I deliver, I start to think that running a project to educate fashion designers on the basics of the practice of law is actually not that bad an idea."
    Yana Chirko
    Legal adviser at Dentons, the St. Petersburg Branch
  • "A nice venue, the team behind the event was great: they did their best putting forward every effort to run everything smoothly and to deal with any issues that arose, the program was always kept on schedule; a number of speakers were worthwhile".
    Svetlana Slobodina
  • Nowadays, the industry lacks system. Unless creativity is practiced within a well-established system, brands of international renown are doomed never to appear. What's persuasive about the event is its vision to consolidate a diverse population of creatives to lay the foundation of this very system.
    Rustam Eybatov
    The co-founder of Affex
  • I would like to say a big thank you for all to BE IN OPEN. We've found a lot of goodies manufacturing-wise that proved useful when we were working on our summer collection. Seriously, it's super cool stuff.
    Mariya Smirnova
    The founder of the Inshade brand
  • I wish to thank BE IN OPEN for making the Forum possible, for its packed schedule and a stellar line-up of speakers, for useful new contacts and meetups with trade colleagues, for an opportunity to test the contest workflow that I've been envisaging for years but never had a chance to implement. Cool, even without state funding the team still manage to accomplish their ambitious objectives setting the bar daringly higher with each new edition.
    Andrey Bozhyev
    The founder of the LeCharlatan brand
To become a guest of the BE IN OPEN forum
please contact us at online@be-in.ru